30ml Vegan Revitalizing Face Serum WL

30ml Vegan Revitalizing Face Serum WL

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Our Hemp Serum is plant-based and all-natural. Hemp Serum helps to balance out oily skin while providing hydration. Our Hemp Serum helps smooth five lines and wrinkles.


Reship Seed Oil*, Hemp Seed Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Grape Seed Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Shea Nut Oil*, Safflower Seed Oil*, Argan Oil*, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Black Cumin Seed Oil*, Red Raspberry Seed Oil*, Carrot Seed Oil*, Black Sesame Seed Oil*, HEMP EXTRACT Cannabidiol (Broad Spectrum). Essential Oils: Frankincense*, Ylang Ylang*, Cinnamon*, Clover Leaf, Geranium, Chamomile Moroccan Blue*, Turmeric. (*) ORGANIC.

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