G5 Slimming Beauty Machine Anti-Cellulite Body Vibration

G5 Slimming Beauty Machine Anti-Cellulite Body Vibration

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Body Slimming Machine Features
1. Physical vibration massage -- comfortable treatment, no downtime, and non-invasive.
2. Portable suitcase packaging -- handy and easy to carry with the suitcase.
3. 5 different massage heads -- used for different areas and different treatment results
4. 800-3000rpm adjustable frequency -- the vibration frequency is adjustable for different treatment areas.
5. Smaller package size -- takes up less space and costs less shipping fee.

This equipment is based on the principle of physical therapy vibration. The vibration energy emitted by various shaped probes can dissolve fat layers and accelerate blood circulation to achieve a body-slimming effect. At the same time, it can effectively relieve muscle tension and fatigue, and remove puffiness.

Body Slimming Massager Functions
1. Body slimming and shaping;
2. Blood circulation;
3. Soothing the nerve system;
4. Regulating endocrine;
5. Removing muscle fatigue.

Please note: Our Equipment usually takes about 3 weeks to be ready for shipping.