G5 Vibration Body Shaping Massager With Stand
G5 Vibration Body Shaping Massager With Stand
G5 Vibration Body Shaping Massager With Stand
G5 Vibration Body Shaping Massager With Stand

G5 Vibration Body Shaping Massager With Stand

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Our vibration slimming beauty equipment is a vibrating fat machine, that is helpful for weight lossstimulates blood circulationIt can soften and remove redundant fatpromote blood circulationbody massagerestore health and slimness, and  increase the elasticity of the skin. This muscle-vibrating apparatus with five different heads, softens excess fat in the body by quick compression and vibrationBody fat can eventually dissipate through continuous use of this unit.

This stylish genuine G5 offers you an innovative directional stroking facilityThis patented adaptor changes orbital massage action into tangential unidirectional stroking which you will find assists the movement of surface body fluids to help Lymphatic DrainageNow your treatments will not only include the benefits of the traditional vibration and percussion movementsbut also the added benefits achieved by this unique adaptorThis system is easy to use with many additional features. Time can be set from 0-30 minutes for flexible treatment.

5 Vibration Heads:

The frequency intensity is adjustable for deep pushing the body fat, dissolving fatexercising muscles, and shaping an excellent body.

Parts Included:

Hemispherical massage headmainly used to massage larger parts of musclessuch as back massage.

Round sponge massage headmainly used for acupuncture points on the whole bodyincluding the body and soles of feet.

Shower-shaped massage headmainly for roughwrinkled skin and soft fat to massage wrinkles and soft fat.

U-shaped sponge massage headmainly used to massage big feetsmall feet, and arms.

Cylindrical massage headmainly used for squeezing and vibrating the painful area with a soft tip to reduce painwhich can effectively relieve muscle tension and hard fat.

Product Specifications:

Product Name: G5 Vertical Vibration Massage Instrument. Rated Voltage: AC110V-240V. Rated Power: ≤50W. Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz. Maximum Power: 100W. Working Time: ≤30mins. Intensity of Vibration: 10-90 levels (adjustable). Rotating Speed Frequency: 600 r/min - 3000r/min. Operating Noise: ﹤60dB.


1Physical vibration massage: Comfortable treatmentno downtime, and non-invasive.

2Portable suitcase packaging: Handy and easy to carry with the suitcase.

3. 5 different massage heads: Used for different areas and different treatment results.

4. 600-3000rpm adjustable frequency: The vibration frequency is adjustable for different treatment areas.

5Smaller package size: Takes up less space and costs less shipping fee.

Please note: Our Equipment usually takes about 3 weeks to be ready for shipping.

G5 Vibration Body Shaping Massager With Stand